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Pre dry wall inspection

New Construction Inspection, Project Consultation, Plan Review

Construction Phase Inspections are all about the building code and we are the building, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical code experts!

  • Foundation inspections - We will verify that the slab preparation, grade beams, steel reinforcement, and vapor barriers meet or exceed code minimums as well as the construction plans.
  • Pre-drywall inspections - We will verify code compliance for all trades (plumbing, electrical, mechanical, fuel/gas) and framing (including beam/girder schedules) before everything is covered with drywall.
  • Final Inspections - We will verify code compliance for all trades (plumbing, electrical, mechanical, fuel/gas).  In addition we will verify that all systems are installed correctly and functioning as intended.
  • 11 Month Inspection - Same as a Final Inspection but performed when the house is 11 months old (just prior to the building warranty expiration).

Other available services include:  Plan Review, Footing Inspection, Under slab Plumbing/Electrical Inspection, Temporary Power Inspection, Structural Sheathing Inspection, Moisture Barrier Inspection, Permanent Power Inspection, Erosion Control (BMP) Inspection.


John Kroening, Georgia AllPro Home Inspector
Home inspection of electrical systems of house in Alpharetta, GA. By Georgia AllPro Home Inspections.
Water heater home inspection

Project Consultation

Doing the project yourself as a DIYer?  Maybe you would like to discuss the project prior to starting out.  Maybe you are halfway into it and are becoming concerned about code compliance.  Maybe you have finished and would like confirmation that what you have done is compliant.

Contractor doing your project?   Maybe you realized after the project was underway that you were supposed to have a building permit (no judgement here).  Maybe you are concerned that your contractor is not building in a code compliant manner.  Maybe things have seemingly "come off the rails" and you need a plan for correction.

AllPro Inspections can help!  While we certainly encourage every individual and company to permit all projects with their jurisdiction's building department, we understand that in many cases this process is skipped.  We can provide guidance to help you maintain code compliance.  Call any time for a free phone consultation and quote for tailored services.  It is nearly always a lot less expensive to correct these type situations sooner than later.

AllPro Inspections works hard for you!

Knowledge is power!   Let AllPro Inspections protect your construction project from code deficiencies.  We can "nip it in the bud" before it becomes cumbersome or even impossible to fix.  Usually a project that is headed down a troublesome path can be corrected easily and inexpensively when caught early.   Industry leading Credentials + Experience + Individual Effort = The result you expect.  Inspected once. Inspected right!

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AllPro Inspections has been inspecting the Southeast one house at a time since 2005! We are based in Alpharetta and service all surrounding North Georgia communities including Alpharetta, Norcross and Lawrenceville.

Water heater home inspection